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Cash Loans

We offer collateral loans with no application or credit check required.  All you need is a government issued ID.  Simply bring in any item of value and we will hold it until the loan, plus a simple fee, is repaid.  The initial loan term is 30 days.  If you need more time, just swing by or call the location where the loan was processed and pay an extension fee to hold the loan for an additional 30 days.  There is no foreclosure process.  If you choose not to pick up your item, per the contract, you just turn ownership of the item over to Best Jewelry and Loan, with no additional fee or communication necessary.  Choosing not to reclaim your item does not affect your credit or your ability to come back for another loan.  No loan is too big or too small…We can handle it all!

  • Pawn is a short term cash loan
  • 30 – 60 days or more…you decide
    • Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry, Diamonds, High End Watches
    • Sterling Silver Service Pieces and Collectibles
    • Electronics, Game Systems, Instruments
    • Tools, Lawn Equipment, Vehicles
    • Firearms and Ammo
    • Have something unique? Give us a call!