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Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating – By  Heather Garman
We went to Oak Pawn,TBG,High Spring pawn shop and Richard gave 150% more than they did for my diamond ring!!! RICHARD IS THE BEST!!!!!

5 Star Rating – By Casey Hinebaugh
I just got done reading all of these reviews. Some of you people are talking like you’re going to a restaurant or you’re going to live there. Yes, the store can be cluttered at times. Yes, the owner can talk to you for a while. But, at the end of the day I go there when I need help financially, so all of those things are irrelevant to me. I have been going to this place for six years now. I have been treated with nothing but the upmost respect from everybody that works there. I never feel cheated out of anything. I usually pawn things not sell them. When I come back to pick them up he usually doesn’t even charge me the whole finance fee because he knows I will be back again, and I am a loyal customer. So to me that makes me feel as though he appreciates me as his customer. If he didn’t care then he would charge me the fee on my contract even when I came back a week after getting the loan because I agreed to that price when I got the money. I just recently bought my son a Spider Man Schwinn bike from his shop. I told him I only had a small amount of money for the bike, and he looked it up on his system to see what he paid for it, and he let me get the bike for the same amount. Nobody on this planet can tell me that any other pawn shop would have done that. Everybody else could care less that it was for my ten year old son; they just want to make money off of it. The owner obviously has a good heart, and that is hard to find now a days. If you want to deal with honest, good hearted people I would most definitely recommend this place. It’s hard to find that in people in today’s world.

5 Star Rating – By David Conerly
I Went to Best Pawn looking for an IPOD for my wife. The guy behind the counter Richard was very friendly! He had four to choose from right there under the counter. I was able to test them and pick the one I wanted. I only paid 30 BUCKS!!!!! Easy transaction friendly staff I will defiantly come back to this pawn shop!! I will recommend this Pawn shop to everyone I know! Thank you Best Pawn for supporting Gainesville’s Citizens.

5 Star Rating – By Juan Pascual
I have been to all of the pawnshops in Gainesville, FL and this is the place to go if you want the most cash for your valuables. This pawnshop is centrally located near downtown on the corner of NW 6th St and NW 3rd Ave. The place is colorfully painted with planets and black and white checkered steps. Richard, the pawnbroker, is the owner and is very nice and fair and pays the most for gold. This pawnshop is like a treasure ship… they have a lot of good electronics, TV’s, computers, and games with the best prices in town. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good place to pawn their stuff or get a good deal when you want to buy something.

5 Star Rating – By Daniel Mangum
I had some scrap gold I wanted to sell and checked out a few places around town, Richard gave me the best price out of anywhere! Super friendly guy and asked me what he could help me with as soon as I walked in. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and will certainly be back!

5 Star Rating – By Unknown
I’ve been to all the pawnshops…this place is very unique…fast friendly service. This is where all the locals go. A good place to pawn. This place is like a treasure chest filled with treasure.

5 Star Rating – By B
Great Place to Pawn! Richard knows how to keep the customer happy and come back over and over again! Truly a great location.

5 Star Rating – By DJ
This is the top place in Gainesville to get your gold from! Will always treat you fair! Best Guy in the world.

5 Star Review – By Unknown
Great Place to Pawn! Richard knows how to keep the customer happy and come back over and over again! Truly a great location.

5 Star Review – By Daisymaye38
These guys are great!!! The owner was just fixing to close shop when I got there so he could visit family for Easter weekend.He let me come in anyway and do business. The gentlemen who work in his store are very nice and helpful. The owner is great, he treats you like a friend or family member. Makes you feel right at home. He enjoys what he is doing and it shows. They have some very unique stuff in there. Will definitely go back again and again. Please take your business to him it will be well worth it. The world needs more people and places like this.

5 Star Review – By LindaRechs
Richard is the best in Gainesville Florida. Bring all your gold and silver here he will give you the best prices and top price of Gainesville Florida. He is friendly and experience. You will not be sorry. thx

5 Star Review – By EricStevens
This pawnshop is filled with all types of treasures! Fast friendly service, pays top cash for Gold and coins! This is the best pawnshop in town. Its the Real Pawn Stars of Gainesville.

5 Star Review – By ChrisinGville
I have known Richard for many years now! This place is the best in the world. Top prices for gold, tvs, computers, you name it, he got it!

5 Star Review – By TheBigB
This is a one of a kind shop! Best in the Universe! Top prices for GOLD… Got my TI-83 for almost nothing!